The goodness of Indian food has captivated the hearts of millions and millions of people worldwide. Many people believe that the palatable mix of delicious Indian dishes and healthy beverages help attain a sound & well-balanced physical, emotional, and spiritual state. As a result, it is served almost all around the world. Indian food has unique dishes that cater to different taste buds. Poultry and meat are highly used in Indian non-vegetarian food. Whether cooking at a five-star restaurant or cooking in the kitchen, chicken is the core ingredient in many non-vegetarian foods. 

So, here is a list of popular chicken recipes in Indian styles to satiate your taste bud cravings.  

Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken)

The ironic North-Indian-style chicken dish is a perfect dinner party recipe. Generally, people eat it with basmati rice or naan. To make this dish, you need to marinate chicken for optimal flavor. Now, roast and cook in tomato puree, garlic, ginger, and spices.   

Tandoori Chicken 

This easy-to-make chicken dish has got its name from the way it is cooked – tandoor. If you plan to place an Indian food online order, you should definitely consider tandoori chicken because it is an all-time favorite dish among people.  

You can also make this dish at home by marinating chicken in a spiced yogurt mixture.  Now, thread all pieces onto skewers and place them in the tandoor. You can also use a traditional oven if you don‘t have a tandoor.   

Chicken Korma 

Badami murgh korma is loaded with the overflowing richness of yogurt, ground almonds, and tasty spices. This is the infamous North-Indian Chicken curry that is served with rotis and chapatis. As per your palate, you can adjust the level of heat while making the dish.   

Chicken Dum Biryani  

The Mughlai or chicken dum biryani became a classic Indian dish during the Mughal period.  The filling & flavorful layered dish needs a slow cooking method with utmost precision. After all,  cooking chicken in a handi (the lid sealed with flour) without letting flavors change color isn’t a piece of cake.  

When ordering at your favorite Indian restaurant, you will see a plethora of delicious options. Make sure you try Muglai chicken if you haven’t tried it yet. 

Masaledar Chicken Lollipop

Indian food is a mix of traditions from all over the Asian continent. This dish is a great party starter to enjoy a day with your loved ones. You can make it by marinating chicken bones wrapped in rustic spices.   Give your chicken lollipop a desi makeover by frying chicken bones to make them crispy and tasty. You can serve it with spicy sauces and rumali rotis. 

Chicken Tikka Masala 

Are you having a party at home with some guests? The mouthwatering dish is made with marinated pieces of chicken. All you need to do is toss together creamy chicken curry with a melange of spices. Before cooking, make sure to marinate pieces of chicken overnight in yogurt.

The demand for this meal is at its peak worldwide because it’s tasty and a great starter pack for non-vegetarians. Generally, it is paired with chapati to satisfy the taste buds of everyone who is at the party.   

Chicken Chaap 

This Bengali Chaap is the sort of dish that can kick your taste buds to the limit and make your heart beat faster, especially if you have tried this dish before. Straight from the Bengal’s kitchen, this non-vegetarian Chicken dish is soaked in aromatic herbs and spices. The process of choking this dish is slow, which adds a unique flavor to it.   

Kadhai Chicken 

This sumptuous chicken dish is made with the goodness of chicken, rich aroma, ginger, onions, tomato, and spices.  Do an online search for “Indian restaurants near me,” and you’ll land on sites that provide home delivery. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy this sweet and crispy lip-smacking dish from the comfort of your place.   

Chicken Shami Kebab

We’ve added this to our list of top chicken recipes in Indian style because it is among the best snacks to serve as appetizers at parties. Usually, Kebabs are made with mutton, but many people prefer chicken kabab. Due to the skyrocketing demand for this easy-to-make dish, it is available on most restaurant menus.  For an enhanced taste, you can use tangy coriander chutney and lemon wedges.   

Dry Chilli Chicken 

Here is a delicious snack to relish on the go. This dry and yummy dish is a heavenly treat for taste buds. Just dip it in masala and eat to feel how delicious it is. 

Final Notes 

India, in terms of cuisine and food, has a lot to offer. This was the list of top Indian chicken dishes that people love the most. Let us know which dish has taken your dinner table to another level.